End of Programme Exercise - Synergy 2017

The End of Programme Exercise (EoPE) was specifically designed together with the Caribbean Regional Agencies (CRA) as it was believed that this was critical to testing regional responses to crisis utilising the tools learned from the GCRSP capacity development component. The EoPE was a 6 months process composed of a series of activities. The GCRSP expert team used a series of different techniques and methodologies to attain the main objective of the EoPE:

To enhance the coordination among RSS, CARPHA, CDEMA, CARICOM IMPACS and its sub-agencies- JRCC and RIFC by facilitating the development and establishment of agreed joint civil protection plans and standard operating procedures and by providing a testing environment to assess the validity of the agreed plans and SOPs and a learning opportunity to all actors that might be potentially involved in a natural hazard or man-made disaster response in the region

The GCRSP expert team integrated gender and diversity issues systematically  in the development process of Synergy 2017 in order to mainstream gender sensitivity in the approach.  

While the EoPE activities targeted the individuals, its objective went beyond and tried to promote, through a series of activities, an organizational change. If the outcomes from the activities of the EoPE process become sustainable in the long run the process will have achieved organizational change, something always elusive in capacity development programmes.

The main methodology used by the GCRSP expert team was learning by doing using case studies to guide the participants’ work, this was the case for instance during the workshop to develop the Joint Civil Protection Coordination Plan (JCPCP) where the participants were divided into two groups which were assigned different case studies to work on. At the end of the workshop both groups were brought together to analyse similarities and differences and to try to come up with a common understanding of what the best Joint Coordination Plan would be where all the participating agencies would have a role.

The EoPE process culminated in a command post exercise, Synergy 2017, where the participants simulated a level-3 event with simulated roles and a realistic scenario, followed by a post-EoPE workshop to work on the main outcomes from Synergy 2017.